Master Meth Cook

June 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Australia has Master Chef fever, its official, with over 2 million people tuning in every night its not surprising this wunder show is now Australia’s biggest on air cash cow. Network 10 executives have now decided to take the show to whole new level. Combining drug addiction and the relentless struggle to get to the top of that culinary ladder together. Introducing “Master Meth Cook”, where contestants are required to make a batches of ” Backyard Bandito Base ” using nothing more than a few house hold ingredients “thanks mum” . It stands to be a win win scenario for the Chanel 10 network, who recently released a press statement indicating that all product made on the show (after being adjudicated by Sydney’s finest addicts) will be evenly distributed amongst children at local high schools . Matt Preston is all for the new show saying “food is so overrated, now Im a meth head I can see my feet and actually justify wearing these ridiculous neckerchiefs”.

The show is said to air late next never after this “oh so overrated” cocaine fad is over.


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