Dr Phil is the beast

May 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was watching Dr Phil the other day on t.v , it was only after my first bottle of scotch so i can still remember it. I don’t if any of “yall” noticed (see I can do impressions as well). but I dont know if yall have noticed that 99.99 percent of the crowd on the show is female and in and amongst that pack of blood thirsty, moral high horse riding fucks is that lone man in the front row, sitting quietly, thinking “fucking kill me now”. My favorite part of the show is when he brings his own family on. Don’t they just look like a barrel of laughs . Wifey Phil in her pastel yellow business suits, face stretched out from the copious amounts of botox injections she has had in all the wrong places ( I think she needs them in her eyes so she can stay awake while phil talks to her). oh and lets not forget his son, who by the way is the Executive Producer of the show. You remember that kid in school who was always putting up his hand because he knew the answer to every fucking question the teacher threw out. HE WAS THAT KID!. I can remember on one episode when there was a guy,strung out on drugs, had been tricked into coming on the show and at the end of the episode Phil said “now im going to introduce you to my son, he can help you. fastest recipe for a murder suicide I can ever think of think of.

So please Phil , remember not everyone is perfect and either are you or your family so stop acting like you are god when really you are Satan. So may I suggest you polish that big, fat bald head of yours, ask your wife if she can see her reflection in it ,then head butt her in the face hopefully provoking a high heel attack from that army of depraved women you call guests on your show.


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