Shit head……The next big thing

December 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

In recent times the electronic music scene has seen an emergence of cool young “musicians” adopting masks while performing ,to cover the fact that they are really just nerdy kids behind a computer screen. With such acts as Daft Punk, Deadmau5 and the Bloody Beetroot’s pioneering the whole face mask thing, it begs the question, Are they really just all the same people posing as different performers to increase revenue bought in at live shows and boost album sales. I think so .This notion isn’t that far fetched. The simple fact is no one is really sure who’s behind the masks and whos even making the music. My theory is a musical super genius has spawned a new wave of super musical robot, capable of turning nobs , clicking auto mix and nodding their heads better than any living human ever could . And whats the next big act about to unleashed on our generation of impressionable youth I hear you ask. “SHIT HEAD”. yes you read correctly “SHIT HEAD”, he will probably be from Paris (all cool electronic artists are from Paris). He will have hits like “I smell Like shit” and ” I cant work today as I have a runny head” He will perform in a massive L .E .D pile of shit with his music featuring heavenly on a Japanese Anime animation entitled “Interstella shitshitshit “(due for release in early 2010) he will also Release one album every decade and when his next one is released it will basically be the last album played backwards with some “one more time’s” thrown in there. Keep Posted for updates but if you smell something kind of funky in a club near your, Remember it might just be someone SHIT HEAD behind the decks!


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