FAT…no not the PH phat…..FAT

November 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

So I have an eating disorder….. look anorexia is no laughing matter… but no really Im fat, and I love it. Dont you think fat people always look happier than skinny people. really. I want you to imagine the face of some one thats just ran a marathon think about it long and hard. Now imagine the face of a fatty about to eat a pie or some sort of Cadburys product ( Roses spring to mind) . Now tell me who’s the happy one. Plus fat people don’t have to deal with certain problems…….like old age. But I thing I do hate about fat people including my self is the fact they always have to proclaim how much they shouldn’t eat something “no i shouldn’t eat it, I really shouldn’t”

“I fucking know you shouldn’t chubalito” but they always end up eating it any way “ohhh i fell so bad for that ” maybe beacause its because you have diabetes , a chronic case of Coronary artery disease and you haven’t seen you penis that wasn’t in a reflection in the past 5 yrs.


I wish I was from Paris and had a Justice jacket

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Just so I could walk around being “ard” like these guys

Wii need one now

November 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

Not exactly the publicity Nintendo wanted when they released the Wii. Hey , at least he wants one………..

Its not Veterinary Science

November 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

For a while there I really wanted to be a vet, yes a Vet!!!, I had this deep burning desire to be close to animals, hug them, nurse them back to health….. until i thought “Screw vet school, if I wanted to be close to animals In need I will just move to Redfern”.But I have always truly wondered how long after being a vet you would start thinking about fucking the animals while they were asleep on the surgery table. I mean first off I would fuck an Owl because you could fuck it in every position and still look it in the eye . next I would fuck a little rabbit, mmmmm Rabbit …. I mean how many things can you honestly fuck and actually want to cuddle afterwards.

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