Most Unfortunate Personal Names for their Job.

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ahhhhh what a shame…..A couple of the most Unfortunate Personal Names for their Jobs.








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thank fuck its winter still…….or is it?



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Recently reminiscing about my younger days when raving was this shit hot thing to do. When catching a 2 hour train out to Minto sport and rec center was standard and guys like this(below) filled your heart with happiness………until the morning when you realized “hey im in the middle of a fucking industrial estate and i have no drugs left” wheres my mummy!!!!

Get Motivated

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“Hey you guys want to get motivated, you know what, im so motivated im going to get up and tell you all just how motivated i am, and let you know how you can be motivated too……for a price! If they where so motivated why didnt they do something that requires motivation, like solving world hunger,writing a number 1 or getting your self laid.

I always find it funny when they try to market these “self help” programs (witch is contradictory to the notion of self help because hey , your not doing it by your fucking self are you) .Get your life on track in 7 easy steps” I tried 3 steps this morning from my lounge room to my kitchen and it wasnt that easy. Couldn’t it be 2 steps or better yet none.(remember your talking to people with no motivation here).

But what happends when they get so motivated they start putting on their own program down the street for half the price and it only has 2 steps. Next thing you know your eating old pizza watching Dr Phil thinking where did it all go wrong. And after you have finished punching the mirror because you hate the sight of your own reflection so much, you receive a letter in the mail.


The letter gives you just enough motivation to plunge your titanium coated sashimi knife you purchased on danos direct strait into your heart after wich you lay dead for 2 weeks before you Cambodian cleaner finds your decomposing body in your living room arm chair

“wreer drid it arr gro rwong”


Al the inspiration Duncan(really this guy exists) literally set our group on fire. Students did not want to leave even when the fire alarm went off!”

Monica L. Greene
Director of Freshman College
Claflin University

Its Called Arson Monica , And its no laughing matter

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