Chuck Bass is a down syndrome

July 31, 2009 § 2 Comments

He just is ok!!! no need for an explanation.

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I ammmmj Cthuckkkk bafthh


Proof god really does exist!

July 28, 2009 § 1 Comment

Throughout the years Christians have been searching for new and creative ways to tell us non belivers that there is really a god. From intelligent design to the bible , what will come next i hear you ask?


“Point at the top for ease of entry” suss

Harry Potter-What comes next?

July 22, 2009 § 3 Comments

As many Harry Potter fans eagerly await the the final installment of the film series , the question on every ones lips is what comes next? Will fans be forced to watch the old movies over and over again or  will they have to read the books repeatably  to get their “fix”.


Introducing “Hogwarts hooligans” the 8th film in the Harry Potter series . After Ron and Harry Become more and more fed up with the conventions of day to day life at Hogwarts .Various Quidditch “firms” are established to break the monotony of school  and sporting life. As Violence and general disseray threatens the noble game of Quidditch ,it becomes more and more apparent that its not about the game anymore but more about  belting the fuck out of people on broom sticks. With such memorable scenes as harry glassing Malfoid in the face for “Muggling him off” and Ron Weasley Giving Professor Snape a “Hogwarts kiss” For calling him a “ginger cunt” its set to be a riotous affair.

This film is set to be released late next never and will feature cameo apperiances from Danny Dire and Vinny Jones.harry potter hooligans

Munt Sacking-how it works

July 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

A mass Munt Sack session in Hiroshima, Japan in Late 2008 .Photo -Tom Rotheraine

A mass Munt Sack session in Hiroshima, Japan in Late 2008 .Photo -Tom Rotheraine

When asked recently for an explanation of this new “in game” being played all around the country I decided to let you all know about the new phenomena that is “Munt Sacking”

Basically a group of individuals, mainly young men all consume vast amounts of xtc over a short period of time, then the “sackee” is chosen through a series of games set up using house hold items . These games could include holding a broom up to ones nose and spinning 20 times then seeing how fast you can drink a cup of diet lemonade wile being flicked in the face by the other “sackers”.One option.

Once the “sackee” is chosen and the stream of xtc is flowing freely through the gurning “sackers” . the “sackee” is put on their knees and the “sackers” repeatably rock back and forward gradually picking up momentum untill the various sacks touch the face of the “sackee”

after which Diet Pepsi is drunk and high fives exchanged

Munt Sacking should not be played on Mondays or in the company of Children

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